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About us

The outstanding success of Canada’s national synchronized swimming teams stem from a solid membership base and the quality programming offered by Synchro Canada, the governing body of the sport in Canada. 

Synchro Canada, a volunteer-based organization with a professional staff based in Ottawa, is responsible for the development and operation of the sport through a wide variety of programs. These programs encompass research and development; marketing and communications; participation; athletes, officials’ and coaches’ development; and competitions. The association also coordinates the activities of the eleven provincial sections.

The sport of synchronized swimming is accessible to all Canadians, promotes fun, fitness and allows participants to reach their own level of excellence.


Participation and competitive model (view here – .pdf)

Over 7,000 members are registered with Synchro Canada , while another 20,000 participate in recreational synchro programs. Participants range in age from eight to 85. 98% are female, although the interest in males is growing. The swimmers are supported by over 400 certified officials, 1200 active coaches and hundreds of administrators and organizers who are committed to the sport.

The Organization

  • Is a national, non-profit, volunteer association actively engaged in enhancing the quality of life for all Canadians through the promotion, teaching and fostering of the sport of synchronized swimming;
  • Is the single national governing body for synchronized swimming in Canada;
  • Is an independent research, educational and service organization dedicated to the encouragement and improvement of synchronized swimming in Canada;
  • Is a world leader both competitively and technically, in synchronized swimming. From its 1924 beginnings in Montreal to its debut in the 1984 Olympic Games, synchronized swimming has been actively pursued by more than 71 countries worldwide. Canada proudly ranks among the forefront of these nations;
  • Synchro is Canada ‘s most successful amateur sport. It is the only Canadian sport medalling in all senior world championships and Olympic Games since 1984;
  • Synchro is overall the third best performing sport in Canada according to Sport Canada.

Synchro Canada

  • Provides technical and administrative services to its athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and provincial member associations;
  • Works towards improving the quality of synchro programs and aquatic facilities;
  • Operates through a national volunteer board of directors and a number of action committees comprised of interested members from across Canada;
  • A professional staff administers association business from the National Office based in Ottawa.