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Synchro Canada is inviting applications for the position of: Chief Sport Officer

Reporting to the CEO, the Chief Sport Officer (CSO) is a new position at Synchro Canada that has overall responsibility for designing and evaluating all elements of Synchro-in-Canada’s high performance system and for overseeing the implementation of the organization’s sport development program from entry level to Olympic team. Synchro Canada, along with its Provincial Sport Organizations, recently set a new Strategic Plan for Synchro-in-Canada 2016-2024. The CSO will be responsible for the leadership and development of a results oriented team to drive the sport forward to achieve the organization’s strategic goals both nationally and internationally. The deadline to apply is December 20, 2016.

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National Office

700 Industrial Ave, Suite 401
Ottawa, ON
K1G 0Y9

Phone: 613.748.5674
Fax: 613.748.5724

Centre of Excellence

INS Québec
4141 Avenue Pierre-de-Coubertin
Montreal, QC
H2M 2E7

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Office: 613.748.5674 #222

CHEN, Meng
Senior National Team Head Coach

CLEARY, Jadine
Domestic Technical Director

CÔTÉ, Stéphane
Events & Communications Director
Mobile: 418.420.2125

FREY, Audrey
Finance and Administration Manager
Office: 613.748.5674 #224

LANGLOIS, Jennifer
LTAD Programming Manager

LECOMPTE, Isabelle
High Performance Manager
Centre of Excellence: 514.255.1000 #229

Executive Coordinator
Office: 613.748.5674 #229