Synchro Canada

Board of Directors

Henry Scheil (President)
Judi Enns Bradette
Guy Côté
Gail Donahue
Lorna Proudfoot
Joel Sanders
Shelby Harding (Athlete Council Chair)

HP Programming Stream

Judi Bradette

Competitions Committee

Karen Seymour (Chair)
Chris Hampshire
Erika Lindner
Audrey Sribney
Annie Smith
Jadine Cleary
Judi Bradette (Board Liaison)
Vivianne Slade (Resource)

Hall of Fame / Historical Committee

Pat McCann (Chair)
Jennifer Luzia
Lorna Proudfoot
Janice McLaughlin
Judi Bradette (Board Liaison)
Vivianne Slade (Resource)

Finance Committee

Joel Sanders (Chair)
Lorna Proudfoot
Judi Bradette
Henry Scheil
Shelby Harding
Audrey Frey (resource)

Fund Development Committee

Joel Sanders (Chair)
Louise Newburry
Margie Schuett
Sheilagh Croxon
Shelby Harding
Henry Scheil (Board Liaison)
Jackie Buckingham (resource)

Membership Structure and Fees Task Force

Joel Sanders (Chair)
Jennifer Luzia
Diane Lachapelle / Mary Dwyer
Annie Smith
Kathleen Reynolds
Suzanne Hohmann
Desiree Vanderwel
Jaimie Earley
Henry Scheil (Board Liaison)
Jackie Buckingham (Resource)


Risk Management Committee (to come)

Guy Côté (Chair)

Coaching Leadership and Technical Committee

Gail Donohue (Chair and Board Rep)
Sheilagh Croxon
Sylvie Fréchette
Khadija Cutcher
Sherry Robertson
Jackie Buckingham
Meng Chern
Jadine Cleary (Resource)

LTAD Task Force

Jennifer Langlois (Chair)
Each province has a member
Severral working groups include more members

External Relations Committee

Lisa Schott (Chair)
Louise Kennedy
Meng Chen
Margo Mountjoy
Jackie Buckingham
Jadine Cleary (Resource)

International Judges Committee

Louise Kennedy (chair)
Dot Padgett
Diane van der Pol
Lisa Schott
Jadine Cleary (Resource)

National Officials Committee

Nancy Reed (chair)
Lynda Furniss
Josee Daudelin
Lianna Sottile
Penny Hermann
Vivianne Slade (resource)

HR Committee

Judi Bradette (Chair)
Lorna Proudfoot
Jackie Buckingham (Resource)

Nominating / Governance Committee

Henry Scheil (Chair)
Shannon Higgins
AnMarie Rochfort
Shelby Harding
Jackie Buckingham (Resource)

Rules Committee

Karen Land (chair)
Chris Hampshire
Karen Seymour (or designate)
Jennifer Koptie
Audrey Sribney
Lorna Proudfoot (Board Liaison)
Jadine Cleary (Resource)

Athletes Council (to come)

Shelby Harding (Chair)

Terms of Reference:

- External Representation Committee
- Finance Committee
- Human Ressources Committee
- Nominating Committee
- Risk Management Committee

Synchro Canada Officials' Team (OMT)

Call for applications: Synchro Canada Officials’ Team Member
Synchro Canada Official’s Team (SCOT is seeking for a volunteer to fill a vacant position on their committee.

Duties & Responsibilities
-Participate in the selection of officials to each competition
-Support all SCOT members in their roles within the committee, Attend all OMT meetings and conference calls
-Develop and/or initiate training opportunities plan for current level 3 National Officials with experience at Divisional and /or National level
-To liaise with Synchro Canada Projects and Events Manager with assignments and tasks

Required knowledge and skills
-Current Level 4 official or higher with experience at Divisional and National level.
-Strong knowledge of the Synchro Canada competitions structure and Synchro Canada Rules
-Contribute in discussions and recommendations during conference calls and meetings
-Strong communication and planning skills
-Leadership skills
-Ability to communicate in both official languages is an asset
-Computer skills including working with videos and webinars.

To be considered for this position it is necessary that the individual is a member of Synchro Canada in good standing.

If you wish to be considered for this volunteer position, please send a detailed resume, before March 31st, 2014 to:
Synchro Canada Attention: Nancy Reed, Synchro Canada Officials’ Team Leader by email at and a please copy Vivianne Slade, Projects and Events Manager at or by mail at 700 Industrial Ave, Unit 401, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 0Y9.

Committee Members:

Chair: Nancy Reed
Training – Outreach Leader: Leslie Taylor
Evaluations and Statistics Leader: Lynda Furniss
Certification & Ethics Leader: Josée Daudelin
Manuals Leader: Jackie Hiscock
Panels Leader: Penny Herman

Terms of Reference

International Bids Selection Committee

Committee members:

Louise Kennedy (International Officials Leader) Chair of Committee
Heather Archer (FINA TSSC Member)
Lynda Furniss (Retired FINA A Official)
Jadine Cleary (Synchro Canada Domestic Technical Director)


Competitions Committee

The Competitions Committee oversees the logistics of Synchro Canada’s hosting program. This newly formed committee’s future projects include:

  • To Develop a Synchro Canada hosting Strategy
  • Build a branded image for all Synchro Canada events
  • Ensures that the Canadian Open and the Canadian Espoir Nationals are Synchro Canada's flagship showcase events

Committee members:

Chair: Chris Hampshire
Rules Leader: Karen Land
Scoring Leader: Audrey Sribney
Masters Leader: Dot Padget
Officials Team Representative: Nancy Reed

Terms of reference

Athlete Council (AC)

The Athlete Council serves as a source of athletes’ opinions. They advise the Synchro Canada Board of Directors and other committees with regard to current or proposed policies and programs.  They actively solicit the opinions and ideas of all Synchro Canada athletes and strive to represent their interests and concerns fairly, equitably and professionally.

The Athlete Council is an open forum where athletes may share and develop information and programs related to synchronized swimmers in Canada.  They ensure issues of interest and concern are adequately communicated to athletes in the community and pursue the development and maintenance of processes and procedures which define and secure athlete rights.

Athlete Council Members

Chair: Courtney Brown
Co-Chair: Shelby Harding
Western Representative: Stefanie Dickenson
Eastern Representative: Allyssa Gossling
Atlantic Representative: Emma Knee
Centre of Excellence Representative: Karine Thomas

Athlete Development Team

Chair: Jennifer Langlois
Vanessa Keenan (AB)
Éliane Fortier (QC)
Mireille Deschênes (QC)
Kara Heald (ON)
Kathy Flynn (ON)

Domestic Development Team

Chair: Jennifer Langlois
Jennifer Koptie (ON)
Geneviève Mercier (QC)
Pam Larose (AB)
Laurie Wachs (SK)

Coach Development Team

Chair: Lilianne Grenier
Susan Kemper (BC)
Shelley Ganske (MB)
Jojo Carrier-Thivierge (QC)
Laura Cole (NL)


Synchro Canada

Contact Us

700 Industrial Ave, Suite 401
Ottawa (Ontario), K1G 0Y9
Tel: (613) 748-5674
Fax: (613) 748-5724

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