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The Canadian Sport for Life Program is a training pathway based on developmental age rather than chronological age.  As athletes progress through the 7 stages of LTAD (below), they will be given a solid foundation of physical, tactical and mental skills, upon which they will build their athletic abilities, establish an active lifestyle, and develop a love for the sport of synchronized swimming.

LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) Parents Guides Available on CS4L Website
Please visit the CS4L website to download the new CAC Parents Guide for understanding LTAD as well as the presentations from the 2012 LTAD conference in Ottawa. While you are visiting the site, please look at the other excellent resources available by CS4L, such as their Parent's Guide, the Role of Monitoring Growth and Development, and many more. Check it out now. If you have any questions about Synchro Canada's LTAD policies please contact Jadine Cleary at or Jennifer Langois at

Synchro Canada Recreational Model

Synchro Canada Recreational Stream Model.pdf

Proposed Restructuring for the Recreational and Competitive Streams

Synchro Canada Competitive Stream Model.pdf

How to measure peak height velocity

A measure of the maximum rate of growth in stature during a growth spurt (Jan 2007) - Click here. .pdf

Canadian sport for Life document

Playground to Podium - Planning for the sport excellence and well being of Canadians

To view this Resource Paper, please click on the following link .

Synchro Canada's LTAD Ad

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 7 Stages of LTAD  5 S's of Training and Performance
 ACTIVE START  Stamina (endurance) 
 FUNdamentals  Strength
 TRAINING TO COMPETE   Suppleness (flexibility)





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