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February 11-27, 2011 (synchro: 22-26)
Halifax, N.S.

Technical Package v2.0 (December 14th, 2009)


Time (Halifax Time)
Tuesday, February 22
9:00 am-5:00 pm

PANEL 1: Porpoise Full Twist
PANEL 2: Knight
PANEL 1: Kip Split Closing 180
PANEL 2: Ibis Continuous Spin 720

6:55 pm-9:20 pm
Wednesday, February 23
9:25 am-12:00 pm Duet


6:25 pm-8:00 pm


Thursday, February 24
Rest Day -
Friday, February 25
9:00 am-9:20 am
Duet (B Flight)
Finals-Warm Up
9:25 am-10:25 am
Duet (B Flight)


10:25 am-10:45 am
Duet (A Flight)
Finals-Warm Up
10:50 am-11:50 am Duet (A Flight)


5:25 pm-7:10 pm
Team Finals


Saturday, February 26
9:00 am-9:20 am
Solo (B Flight)
Finals-Warm Up
9:25 am-10:25 am Solo (B Flight)


10:25 am-10:45 am
Solo (A Flight)
Finals-Warm Up
10:50 am-11:50 am
Solo (A Flight)


12:00 pm-1:00 pm
Solo awards

Event format and rules of play
Synchro Canada rules shall apply for all events.

There shall be figures, solo, duet and team events.  All competitors (including alternates) must compete in the figures event.  Each province/territory may enter two routines in the solo and duet events, and one routine in the team event.

Competitors may enter one solo, one duet and one team.  There shall be preliminaries and finals in all routine events.  Following solo and duet preliminaries the top placing solo and duet routine (championship score) per province/territory will compete in the "A" finals.  The second placing routine (championship score) in both solo and duet, per province, will compete in the "B" finals. All teams may swim in both preliminaries and finals.


Competitors must be 21 years of age or under as of December 31, 2011 and 12 years of age or over as of December 31, 2011. YEAR OF BIRTH: 1990 to 1999 inclusive. 


Solos Duets Teams
1. Madison Allen

2. Kaylene Scheil
1. Madison Allen/Kali Wong

2. Jordan McKenzie/Savannah Sami-Bacon (Alternate: Kaylene Scheil)
Madison Allen
Lisa Dahlke
Leah Malcolm
Jordan McKenzie
Kavanah Robinson
Savannah Sami-Bacon
Kaylene Scheil
Erica Slavin
Valerie Titov
Kali Wong
Head Coach: Jenn Tregale

Coach/Manager: Laurel Hindle
British Columbia
1. Vanessa Baxter

2. Kimberly Paterson
1. Olivia Zawadiuk/Vanessa Baxter

2. Jane McCulloch/Danielle Ten Vaanholt

Olivia Zawadiuk
Vanessa Baxter
Kimberly Paterson
Madelyn Paterson
Meghan Dougan
Erin Williams
Kessia Derks
Jane McCulloch
Kelli Gustafsson
Danielle Ten Vaanholt
Head Coach: Susan Kemper

Coach/Manager: Tanya Matson
1. Brittany Mueller

2. Megan Rutherford
1. Holly EdigerMegan Rutherford (Alternate: Brittany Mueller)

2. Carly Ayres/Kacie Reimer (Alternate: Maddie Porter)
Brittany Mueller
Megan Rutherford
Kacie Reimer
Carly Ayres
Holly Ediger
Samantha Gluting
Alizee Baudet
Allison Enders
Kirsten Savignac
Maddie Porter
Head Coach: Kaley Maksymyk

Coach/Manager: Krista Deonarine  
New Brunswick
1. Julie MacFarlane

2. Allie Murchison
1. Allie Murchison/Shannon Magee

2. Josee Thomas/Leah Smal
Julie MacFarlane
Allie Murchison
Shannon Magee
Ceara Hutchinson
Josee Thomas
Leah Smal
Alissa Roy
Veronique Roy
Siobhan Schenk
Kara Daley
Head Coach: Melissa Hoadley 

Coach/Manager: Janie Mallet

Apprentice: Alicia Isaac
1. Shaziana Kaderali

2. Jessica MacDonald
1. Robyn St. Croix/Molly Noseworthy (Alternate: Jessica MacDonald)

2. Jessica Reid/Jessica McCormick
Jessica Collins
Jessica MacDonald
Jessica Reid
Jessica McCormick
Robyn French
Robyn St. Croix
Shaziana Kaderali
Katherine Alexander
Molly Noseworthy
Gillian Sullivan
Head Coach: Shannon Driscoll

Coach/Manager: Kim Burrage 
Nova Scotia
1. Victoria Boyle

2. Brooklyn Hurlbut
1. Allison Balan/Mallory Coughlan

2. Faye Evans/Mali Heroux-Rhymes
Paetra Addison
Allison Balan
Victoria Boyle
Mallory Coughlin
Jessie Doucet
Faye Evans
Mali Heroux-Rhymes
Brooklyn Hurlbut
Kirstin Soosaar
Lauren Sullivan
Head Coach: Colleen Aird

Coach/Manager: Jennifer Powell
1. Samantha Nealon (coached by Yingli Hou)

2. Alina Ryssina (coached by Yingli Hou)
1. Jordan Field/Tess Kruspe (coached by Kelly Hogan)

2. Erin Milner/Lisa Sanders (coached by Yingli Hou)
Rachel Demmers
Jordan Field
Zoe Frost
Stephanie Geller
Tess Kruspe
Erin Milner
Natalie Mintz
Samantha Nealon
Alina Ryssina
Lisa Sanders        
Head Coach: Yingli Hou

Coach/Manager: Kelly Hogan
1. Hailey Hennessey

2. Lisa Bondt
1. Lauren Hardy/Lisa Bondt

2. Bridget Carter/Kathleen Carter
Rachel Waddell
Victoria McQuaid
Hailey Hennessey
Lauren Hardy
Bridget Carter
Kathleen Carter
Lisa Bondt
Mary Beth McInnis
Rebecca Sulis
Michaela Walsh
Head Coach: Joline Dunn

Coach/Manager: Elizabeth Proude
1. Jacqueline Simoneau

2. Anne-Marie Chouinard
1. Jacqueline Simoneau/Anne-Marie Chouinard

2. Camille Rémillard/Laura Dee
Jacqueline Simoneau
Anne-Marie Chouinard
Camille Rémillard
Laura Dee
Mathilde Sauvé
Carolanne Gagnon
Janelle Ball
Haley Ricci
Aude Begin-Richard
Natasha Bernier
Head Coach: Nathalie Lagrange 

Coach/Manager: Karine Doré
1. Meagan Burbridge

2. Claire LeBlanc
1. Meagan Burbridge/Emma New

2. Cloie Janzen/Jamie Smith (Alternate: Morgan Clifford)
Andrea Bellerive
Meagan Burbridge
Morgan Clifford
Kaelynn Drumm
Cloie Janzen
Claire LeBlanc
Koralee Lindquist
Emma New
Jamie Smith
Erin Tonita
Head Coach: Tina Chernoff

Coach/Manager: Lesley Wright

Apprentice: Tiffany Smith
1. Olivia Duncan
1. Taylor Hanna/Simone Kitchen
- Head Coach: Aura-lea Harper

Questions and answers

  1. How can I buy ticket?
    If you are an athlete’s parents and/or guardians, you can buy a synchronized swimming pass. These passes are currently being sold exclusively through Provincial and Territorial teams so that parents of the competing athletes are guaranteed access to watch their daughter compete. If you would like to buy this pass, please contact your provincial/territorial office. You can also buy a weekly pass.  The pass allows pass holders to access various Canada Games sporting events and venues, including synchronized swimming. Parents of athletes were at that point given the opportunity to buy the weekly pass which would give access to the synchronized swimming events based on first come, first serve basis.
  2. Which judging system will be used at the 2011 Canada Games?
    The 3-mark system will be used as required in the rule book.

Coaches Criteria

In an effort to keep you as well informed as possible, we are sending you today the criteria for your coaches for next years Canada games.

All coaches must have completed the training at least 90 days in advance (by November 13th 2010) in order to be eligible to coach at the Canada Winter Games.  In order to be recognized as a trained coach at the Competition Development level coaches must complete the following:

  1. Synchro Specific Competition Development Training (Either Level 3 or Comp Dev Synchro Specific Modules). Please find the modules listed below :
    1. Developing Athletic Abilities Module 
    2. Performance Planning 
    3. Planning a Practice 2 
    4. Analyzing Routine Performance 
    5. Analyzing Figure Performance 
    6. Training and Developing Routines 
    7. Managing a Sport Checklist
  2. Multi Sport Comp Dev Training: 4 of the 6 modules below must be completed (note all 5 of the modules that weren’t made sport specific will have to be taken in order to maintain the Comp Dev level after the Canada Games)  Please contact your local coaching course provider for information on local courses or taking courses via correspondence. Here is a list of each provincial contact:
    1. Prevention and Recovery 
    2. Coaching and Leading Effectively
    3. Psychology of Performance 
    4. Managing Conflict 
    5. Doping Prevention 
    6. Developing Athletic Abilities (Not available because module has been made sport specific by Synchro Canada)

  3. Make Ethical Decisions Comp Dev training
  4. Designing a Basic Sport Program Module (if not already completed for the Competition Introduction Context)

We would also like to reiterate the Comp Dev Pilot being help in June after the Espoir competition will be an excellent opportunity for any potential Canada Games coaches to get their Synchro Specific Comp Dev training does as soon as possible.  
If you have any other questions please feel to contact Jadine Cleary ( for more information or clarification.


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