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Chloé Isaac

isaacc225.jpgBirthdate: June 5, 1991

Hometown: Montivilliers, France

Residence: Brossard, QC

Member of the senior national team since: Fall 2009

Previous clubs:
1998-2000:     Synchro Laval, QC
2000-2002:     Alliance Synchro, QC
2002-2008:     Montreal Synchro, QC
2005-2006:     Member of the 13-15 National Team
2007-2008:     Member of the Junior National Team
2009-…     :     National Team Members

Chloé Isaac was introduced to synchronized swimming at the age of 7 in 1998. While she loved to play in the family pool in summer with her friends, the athlete born in Monvilliers, France, received a flyer one day from their local club in Laval, which pushed her to try this sport.

She likes synchronized swimming because it gives her the opportunity to create new and impressive routines, to innovate, and for the feeling of fulfillment and surpassing herself that the sport is giving to her.

the accomplishment and the fact she can surpass herself that she feels from the sport when she pushes herself.

Living now in Brossard, QC, Chloé Isaac has been part of Synchro Canada's senior National Team since 2009. Amongst her best memories so far, she lists the 2012 Olympic Games, especially the Opening Ceremonies, and her participation at the 2008 FINA World Junior Championships where she won a silver medal in the solo event, a bronze medal in the duet event, and a fourth position in the figures event.

Chloé Isaac is studying in Human Sciences with the objective to have a career where she would be able to use her creative side. In her free time, she loves to listen to music, read, draw and navigate through social media.

She represented Canada at the 2012 Olympic Games. She got a bronze medal in the combo event at the 2009 and 2011 FINA World Aquatic Championships. In 2010, Chloé Isaac won a gold medal in the duet event at the Commonwealth Games and the silver medal in the duet event and two bronze medals in the team and combo events at the 2010 FINA World Cup. She was also part of the Canadian Team champion of the 2009 FINA World Trophy.
  FINA World Aquatic Championships
5: Technical Team
6: Technical Solo
6: Free Solo
6: Free Team
  Brazil Open
3: Technical Solo
3: Free Solo
3: Technical Team
3: Free Team
  Canadian Open Championships 1: Combo
2: Technical Solo
2: Free Solo
  British Open 1: Technical Solo
1: Free Solo
  Olympic Games  4: Team
  Pan American Games
1: Team
  FINA World Aquatic Championships
3: Combo / 4: Free Team / 4: Technical Team
  Brazil Open 1: Technical Team / 1: Free Team
  German Open 2: Technical Team / 2: Free Team
  Commonwealth Games
1: Duet
  FINA World Cup
2: Duet / 3: Team / 3: Combo
  Japan Open 2: Technical duet / 2: Free Duet / 1: Free Team / 1: Combo
  4th FINA World Trophy
1: Overall / 1: Highlight team / 1: Thematic team / 1: Thematic duet / 3: Combo
  FINA World Aquatic Championships
3: Combo / 4: Free Solo / 4: Free Team / 4: Technical Team / 4: Free Duet
  Japan Open
1: Solo / 2: Duet
  German Open
1: Solo / 2: Duet
  FINA World Junior Championships
2: Solo / 3: Duet / 4: Figures / 5: Team
  3rd FINA World Trophy 4: Duet / 5: Team / 5: Combo
  Junior U.S. Open
1: Team
  13-15 U.A.N.A. Age Group Championships
1: Team / 1: Duet
  Comen Cup
1: Solo / 5: Duet / 5: Team

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